23 augusti 2009

Its time for me to move on my friends. The time has come, for me to rip out all the pages of my past and start over, on a new, blank page. Because this story, has came to its end.
To the three D's - im done, and im so gone.

22 augusti 2009

The circle of life

In my mind it all sounds so perfect. I have this fantasy of mine, where nothing is impossible and where problems are solved in a second. Nothing hurts, and what should hurt, passes by so quickly you wont even notice it. Those who like me, i keep them close, and those i hate, i keep even closer - and best part is, it works out. Im Superwomen, in this fantasy of mine...

But then, the cruel reality comes creeping up on me and reminds me, that nothing is easy and that every move you take, is a fight, to be able to take the next step. It never ends. And once you get one problem out of the way, the next one pops up like all those enoying pop-up windows when your visiting websites. I mean, it doesnt matter how many times you click Exit, theres always a new one, and usually, they bring viruses, just like problems can bring misery. God I hate facing reality...

I wish i was in love...
because the only time,
reality turns into fantasy,
is when i have butterflies,
tickling my belly.

20 augusti 2009

And i wonder, what i am supposed to do, when my heart wants one thing, and my mind another. And what am i supposed to do, when all i desire isnt meant to be. How do you leave something, that you want more than anything? How am i supposed to say goodbye, to the one and only ive ever loved?

My mind, my body, my whole spirit is going crazy - from not knowing what to do. Hey, i need destiny to help me out a little bit. Show me the way, and the path to walk.
Because im clueless.

17 augusti 2009

In less than a minute

Yesterday, i was convinced that i was going sit at home, for the rest of this depressing fall, and maybe, just maybe get a job by christmas time. I was convinced, that my future would be in Denmark - working, studying, doing everything. And never have ive been so sure about something before. I mean, its just been obvious, this whole time. Me and my stupid addiction to Copenhagen. Of course, thats the city i was to live in, get a family - a life in.

Of course....

When i woke up this morning, something hit me. And i dont know, what it was or why, but no matter what - it made me get up on my feet and do something about life. Yeah... I even took my Omega-3 this morning. Good job Kristin, good job.
Anyways, this girl, who have promised herself and everybody else, that she was not to be seen close to a college - has now, offically applied to College (and not in DK).
If i get in or not, ill know, by the end of next week. And i can proudly say, that there is nothing, i want as much as this. I want, to go back to school.

Never thought id hear myself say that...

But College is not the only thing, im seriously considering getting i job in Sweden instead of Denmark. And yes, i admit... ive been looking at apartments in Sweden too - and i fell in love with all of them.

My only consern about leaving my life in Copenhagen, is leaving Dan. Theres something about that boy, ill never get over. I think... they call it true love.

13 augusti 2009

Hope is the last thing to leave the human body.
And yes, i admit, im still hoping. Hoping and wishing for you to change, to become the person i once knew - once again. Im still hoping for you and me, to become one, to be re-united. Because no one does it like us, no one.

But deep down inside i know, that it will never happen.
Deep down, i know, things will never be the same.
Deep down i know, ive lost you forever.